Carpet Projects


Carpet project expectations:

  • If you are removing existing carpet to be replaced, be sure to remove all carpet, padding, and staples. Do not remove undamaged tack strip or wall moldings in the rooms where carpet will be reinstalled.
  • Carpet seams are not invisible. Our installers will make the best seam possible but understand you may visually notice it to some degree. Lighting in the room may affect the visibility of the seams.
  • Carpet fibers may shed for a while after installation. Vacuuming will reduce their appearance over time.
  • Carpet installation requires a large space to lay out and cut carpet. We most often use customers’ driveways. If this will be a problem for your particular project, please advise us prior to installation day. (After installation, you may notice some carpet fibers left in your driveway. Our installers will do their best to remove the bulk of waste, but some follow-up cleaning on your part may be necessary.)
  • Carpet backing is abrasive. Installers will take care to avoid damage, but you may notice scuffs on trim or walls that you will be responsible to touch-up with paint after completion of your project.
  • Visit and choose the “Information” tab to select Carpet Maintenance and find information to care for your new carpeting.



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